January 19, 2020

What is malware? Here is the explanation

Who hates surfing and browsing on the internet? All people like it but they don’t like if something appears and the system can be infected by it. All people have heard about malware but they actually don’t have any idea about it. This term stands for Malicious Software. Yes, it is software but simply, it is so bad and all people don’t want to have it at all. It is the kind of software that intends to harm the data, people and also devices through virus to infuse inside your PC.

What is malware? Here is the explanation

When you hear about viruses on computer or internet such as spyware, Trojans and anything, then those are the examples of malware but in different kinds. This bad software can be created by some criminal organizations that perhaps look for the perfect tools to ruin the digital world by spreading the viruses. Sometimes, most organizations want to go inside the government intelligence data to unlock the restricted data and know the secrets. However, the targets can be anyone or those who want to do prank.

Generally, the bad software will attack the most important factor behind the computer which is you. For instance, you open the email with an attachment from unknown and you have no idea what it is or even recognize it. Then, you click on it and install it to your computer with no trustworthy source. Those viruses can trick people easily since the content might be hidden before being installed to the PC. Even if you click and install the attachment coming from the credible and trusted software and you don’t care about it, it can be problem.

Perhaps, you can install the thing you don’t want at all. The unknown software from unknown source can be called as PUP or Potentially Unwanted Program. Sometimes, the software will provide the great content but after you install it, you get nothing but rubbish. The types of virus from bad software can be different and sometimes the most crime to be found is when you pay something from your computer or mobile device but the money is gone. The money will be sent to the bank account of the scammers.

In order to know how to remove it completely without leaving the roots, you need to know about what malware does to your computer or gadget. The damage of each bad software can be so different based on the category. You need to know the type for make yourself ready to fight it. Below are the common types of bad software found on the internet such as:

• Trojans
This is one of the most common bad software found on the internet and Trojan basically disguises as the legitimate better software. It acts and creates the backdoors secretly inside your security system to let other bad software in easily without protection.

• Virus
Just like the name, this bad problem will attach to clean all good files and infect the badness to other files which are still clean. They can spread faster uncontrollably and damage the main core functionality of your system and corrupt or delete the files. They appear as the executable file.

• Worms
It is kind of viruses that will infect the devices’ network whether it is local or through across different networks by using the interfaces. It will use the machine which is infected to infect more and more.

• Spyware
Just like the name, this bad software is going to spy and keep an eye on you. It usually hides inside the background and it will take note on the activities you do on the internet and it will know the passwords, the numbers of credit card and more even your habits as users.

• Ransomware
This is called as scareware because it can lock down the computer right away and also threaten you to erase all files and data inside unless you pay for the ransom to the owner of the ransomware.

• Botnets
These are networks from the infected PC that are created for working together with the full control of the attacker.

• Adware
Basically, it is not the malicious software but it will aggressively do the advertisement that can undermine the security. It will show you the ads more and more as well as let other bad software in. What is so annoying about it is when it pop ups in front of you while working or concentrating on the task you do and you coincidentally click on it

Remember the types of malware to give you the perfect idea to find the best solution for computer and also install the antivirus because it will prevent and block them.

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