January 27, 2020

Is Your Web Hosting Service Still Relevant to Your Business?

Having a web host is a certainly a must if you run a business website. You need sufficient amount of disk space and bandwidth to accommodate business-related online activities. They are particularly important for e-commerce. Is the current web hosting service enough for you?
Choosing a low-cost web host may be a logical option for small businesses or startups, but in a long run, you will see that it may not be a wiser choice. You will have to upgrade the web host as your business grows and online activities increase.

Is Your Web Hosting Service Still Relevant to Your Business?


Things To Consider When Evaluating Web Hosting Service

You might not realize that your business actually outgrows the web hosting. The following factors can help determine whether the web host needs an upgrade or not:

Load Times

This is an important aspect to consider if you run an online shop or e-commerce. The load speed matters most for the customers. If you want to provide them with the ultimate shopping experience, make sure that they do not wait long to see the product details, to feed the shopping cart, or to process payment. Simply speaking, everybody loves a fast-loading e-commerce. So do the search engines, like Google.

Google uses site speed as one of the variables to determine the search engine ranking for a website or blog. Actually, many factors affect the load time. They may include the web design itself as well as the web hosting capacity. Is the bandwidth enough? You can use a number of online tools to measure the load time and then to determine whether you need to speed it up.

Having a web host provider do the task is a great solution. You can have it upgraded to Solid State Drive (SSD) hosting. Alternatively, your website may need to switch to a Virtual Private Server (VPS), depending upon the needs. Make sure that the web host provider measures the need properly.

Noisy, Shared Environment

Do you find that you are not alone on the server? This may happen when you use a third-party server. Usually, the web host does not tell you the fact. The problem is that this can be annoying. Imagine that you have a busy neighborhood. Do you like it? The same case happens to web hosting. The more intense you and your ‘neighbors’ use the bandwidth, the more problems will happen. This adversely affects the server’s performance.
Make sure to get the details when dealing with a web host provider. If the agreement states that you do not share the serve but the host actually shares it, it is the time to re-consider the partnership. This problem frequently happens in hosts, which offer very cheap web hosting packages. So, be careful with a hosting price, which sounds too good to be true.

Limited Software Option

This problem is frequently identified by online stores or e-commerce websites. Imagine that you need a more sophisticated shopping cart software to provide the customers with better shopping experience. But, what if your host does not offer the version?

Alternatively, the standard software offered by the web host is actually slower than the other alternatives. This may happen when the web hosts use MySQL instead of Percona. This is the matter of choice by the web host. There can be some situations, in which a shared hosting environment is not adequate anymore to accommodate your needs.

If this is the choice, you need to make an informed choice on the web hosting service. You may shift to another web host after weighting the costs compared to the benefits and your actual needs.

Blacklisted IP Address

You might not realize that you deal with a non-professional web host until you find out that its IP address is blacklisted. You can monitor the server’s IP address status by using a number of software available on internet. If the server, you are hosted on, is blacklisted, this can adversely affect your website in terms of search engine ranking.

Blacklisting of IP address may happen due to various reasons. The chances are higher in shared server environment. For instance, if one of the clients on the same server environment runs out-of-date software, out-of-date content management system (CMS), or malicious applications, blacklisting may be the result. Sometimes, the clients do not even realize that they have to update the CMS software.

In conclusion, regular evaluation on your web hosting service is necessary to make sure that external factors like shared server environment do not affect your business negatively. You need a trusted web host, which offers the services based on the agreed specifications. Otherwise, switching to another web host can be a choice.
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